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The Cajón Drum Boxes can be made to order.

The handmade bespoke drum boxes shown are made from pine plywood - 450 x 350 x 300mm

Variations include the overall size of the drum to suit your build and the particular situation you will be using your drum. Also, the size and place of the sound hole in the back of drum are made to the customers specifications depending on what sound you prefer your drum to make. For instance, I have found that an 85mm diameter hole in the middle of the back of the drum makes a rich tone - compared to a 110mm hole in the bottom third of the drum.

Customers can also determine if you would like your drum to be finished with a product. I prefer the natural colour of the plywood timber. This also allows customers to decorate and personalise their own drum.

The drums can be made with or without a snare. The 'snare' gives the drum a more percussion sound. (I prefer the simple sound of the drum without the snare - which has a warmer tone.)

The Cajón has its origin in Peru. The word 'cajón' means 'crate, box or drawer'. It has been part of Afro-Peruvian music since the 19th century when the African slave drums had been forbidden by their masters. Early cajóns were often made from shipping cartons brought over on Spanish ships in Spanish colonial America. Small dresser drawers were often converted to instruments as well whenever possible. The cajón is considered to be a percussion instrument.

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