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Wild Echidna Enterprises seeks to be realistic in acknowledging human limitations. However, there is no limit to what we are capable of achieving - especially with others. Learning from others - of all ages - remains the essence of genuine education and making genuine meaning in our lives as we navigate our earthly pilgrimage.
Established in 2018, Wild Echidna Enterprises offers a range of services to the local community diverse in nature with one common goal – to build a stronger community.

Wild Echidna Enterprises offers a variety of timber products and Educational programs for the curious, creative and courageous.

  1. Custom made furniture and household products: items are made from recycled and pallet timber. Small range of large furniture items, bookshelves, blanket boxes, picture frames, mirrors, coffee tables, boxes for tools and pantry items. Most items have classic appearance with strong classic design and solid construction.

  2. ‘Rock & Water’ Program: an engaging and thought provoking set of exercises that help young people build self-confidence, self-control and self-reflection. Developed through The Gadaku Institute, ‘Rock & Water’ is used in educational settings to confront bullying, violence and provide an opportunity for young people to develop life skills to deal with situations in their everyday life.

  3. ‘DRUMBEAT’ - Developing Relationships Using Music Beliefs Emotions Attitudes and Thoughts: ‘DRUMBEAT’ uses Djembe drums as a therapeutic intervention program and guides participants through a series of topics that build teamwork, self-reflection and communication skills. The drumming exercises and rhythms are used as a focus for conversation and understanding that allow participants to feel valued, and eventually to make music.

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