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Founder - Rev James Wood

Rev James is a pilgrim.

            pilgrim  (noun)  person who makes a journey, often a long and difficult one, to a special place for religious reasons

He grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia.

He studied Architecture.

He has travelled - a lot, but still not enough.

He has worked with young people for over 35 years.

He has lived and worked with people with an intellectual disability in the L'Arche Community.

He has studied Theology.

He has been ordained in the Anglican Church of Australia since 2002.

He has continued professional development through 'Rock & Water', DRUMBEAT, Berry Street Education Model ,

            Mates Mentoring, The Rite Journey and  Rhythm2Recovery training.

He now lives in Warracknabeal, Victoria.

He enjoys crafting timber.

He enjoys riding a bicycle - mtb and road cycling.

He enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys reading and watching movies.

He really likes people.

He loves life.

Image: Mt Kosciuszko 2016

Copyright: Rev James Wood

[Rev James on the right]

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