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"Where you were born should not determine whether you live or die." [Bono]

'Mentoring' is emerging as one of the most important aspects of our modern society.


'Mentoring' - can be defined in a number of ways: whether just hanging out with someone or more intentionally spending time with someone you trust to help make sense of the world around us. Mentoring through established organisations have proved that finding someone to talk to and share activities with improves resilience and mental and emotional wellbeing. It makes life much easier to deal with.


People are feeling more isolated and alienated as ever before.  Anxiety, and our seeming inability to deal with it effectively is creating a disproportionate amount of pressure on relationships and self-worth. Mental health issues  are seriously affecting how both young and older people engage the world around them, and a person can often not feel listened to nor understood.

Rev James offers an opportunity - informally or more formally depending upon your comfort levels - for people of whatever age to be mentored or given help to find appropriate mentoring avenues for healing and a return to wholeness. The gift of mentoring - is that it requires no specific training or qualifications.


However, through James' lifelong experiences working and living in various community settings, his professional training over the last 35 years, and his natural ability to make people feel at ease and provide practical solutions to life's difficulties and joy  - makes him a valuable resource in our community. 

Mentoring is not for the feint hearted. It requires courage and empathy.

Please contact Rev James for details.

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