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Rev's Revolution

A project to build the Boys' Shed

Rev has reached 5,000kms! The kms continue until 11th September
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October 2021

Kilometres Travelled


Pledged &




Target $25,000

RATIONALE (30 July 2020)


Rev’s Revolution is raising funds to help build a Boys’ Shed (roughly speaking).

The Boys’ Shed, we believe, is a unique initiative to build a stronger community by providing an opportunity for participants to grow into strong young men: thoughtful, practical, resilient, self-confident; young men who are self-aware and willing to grow into their own skin.

It is a safe and supportive environment for participants and mentors to be themselves; to develop social and practical skills; and to work on their own woodwork and construction projects from recycled and reclaimed timber. It is also a place to nurture a culture of encouragement, co-operation and social responsibility as young people face their own issues within our world.

The Boys’ Shed started over two yers ago in my garage and it is time to expand our vision, and a purpose built Boys’ Shed will allow more participants to attend more often - as one solution to a growing need within our community.

I’ve committed myself to riding 5,000km on my bicycle - beginning on the first of August - which works out to be approximately 100kms a week for a whole year. It is both a personal challenge and a challenge to raise $25,000 or at least half of the funds to enable us to build the shed.

Project REGENERATE, of which Rev’s Revolution is a part, is an ambitious 5 year plan to Renew PEOPLE, Revive PROJECTS, and Restore PLACE as  part of our vision for the Anglican Church of Warracknabeal and the region.

I hope that there is a way you will be able to support us - and I thank you for your generosity.

For more information on Rev's Revolution and Project REGENERATE go to parish website:

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