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Wild Echidna Enterprises was founded in 2018 by James Wood as a sole trader.

The conception of the current business developed in 2005 when James wanted to acknowledge the creativity of the human spirit and Wild Echidna Productions (unofficial) produced a series of home videos. 

Seeking an Australian 'metaphor' for how James expressed his own spirituality and the creative contribution he was making to the church and wider community - the 'wild' Echidna seemed to capture the essence of a creature who dwelt close to the ground and searched for nourishment and food 'hidden' in the earth (Latin = humus; Hebrew = adamah).






Explaining the Logo:

The Echidna: Just as the 'Wild Goose' symbolised the Holy Spirit in Scotland - James' 'wild echidna' represented an                                     earthy and grounded (humus - of the earth) metaphor for dealing with real-life issues in his life.

                        The echidna - in his opinion - expressed both the strength and resilience of the human spirit but also the

                         vulnerability of our human being and condition.

The Tree:       Gratitude - James believes - is one of the surest ways to genuine Peace.

                                  A 'peace' borne from struggle.

                                  A 'peace' borne from transformation.

                                  A 'peace' that becomes the shelter and place of solace.

                                  Our lives are  a living reality symbolised in the 'tree of life' -

                                       whose roots in the earth are as important as the branches that bring relief on a summers day.

                                  The tree is also the source of James' woodworking endeavours - which brings much joy.


The Sun:        The rising sun, the 'open grave', the dawning of something 'new' - whatever that may be in whatever

                        context - connects us all to something bigger than ourselves.

                        The sun - remains the source of life on our precious planet.

                        The 'open grave' in the Easter Mystery - remains the source and sustainability of James' faith.

                        The openness to the 'next adventure', the challenging idea, the ambitious endeavour - gives us meaning ...


Image: Crossing the Nullabor 2019

Copyright: Rev James Wood

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