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It's a 'big' word. It is an even bigger reality!

When we 'transform' something - it implies a major change in form, nature or function.

What does this mean for the human being?

Is it really possible?

I believe it is only possible with an 'external force' - call it creative energy, the movement of the Holy Spirit (in Christian terms), a force of nature that brings transformation even despite our own selves and patterns and prejudices and inherent way of operating (and even sometimes without our awareness).

Ultimately, it is about ACCEPTANCE.

Integrating the mistakes, the scars of relationships, the cracks in the 'vessel', the holes where the nails pierced wood and flesh ...

          ... and seeing genuine beauty, embarking on a journey just the same, facing our fears ...

The timber products below have been created from discarded and recycled timber.

The YouTube videos - are directly related to James' role as a priest.

Timber Products

Working with timber mirrors the reality that our human nature is sometimes scarred,

broken and weathered - and yet underneath this tough exterior,

lies a beautiful and exquisite human being of value and worth.

YouTube - reflections on 'matters of consequence'

In the current 'Coronavirus' context - a man has had to extend some skills to new realms ... and communicate with those isolated and distant.

A brand new venture! 

View the latest reflections by Rev James in the link below.

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